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Transmission Elements Outage Report for 20-11-2018

A. Details of Transmission Elements under Planned Outage:-
S.NoElement NameTypeVoltage LevelOwnerOutageRevivalExpected Date of RevivalReason / Remarks
1Meerut - MogaLine765 kVPGCIL20-11-201809:0320-11-201821:29-General maintenance For replacement of defective B-phCB drive of Line Reactor at Moga with manufacturer ABB.(emergency Basis)
2Hapur 765(UP) 765 kV Bus 2BUS765 kVUPPTCL20-11-201809:3620-11-201818:16-General maintenance and testing work
3400kV Bamnauli(DTL)-Tughlakabad(PGCIL)-1Line400 kVDTL12-10-201808:15**13-12-2018SD taken by DTL for replacement of Tower No 173 by new Tower.
4Akal-Barmer 1Line400 kVRRVPNL22-10-201812:32**21-11-2018400 kV Akal-Barmer line to be removed from gantry for shifting of line from bay no.8 to 12. For erection of 2 nos. 400 kV D/C towers underline and for stringing for completion of line upto gantry at 400 kV GSS Akal
5Amargarh 400(NRSS29)-URI I(NHPC) 2Line400 kVPGCIL29-10-201810:13**21-11-2018Replacement of complete Power cable and other maintenance work at Uri HEP.
6400kV G.Noida(UP)-Nawada(HVPNL)Line400 kVPGCIL16-11-201810:08**24-11-2018Stringing on diverted route on towers of 400KV Gr. Noida- Nawada line due to DFCC works
7Koldam(NTPC)-Ludhiana(PG) -2Line400 kVPKTCL19-11-201809:3120-11-201820:01-Annual maintenance and testing of bay equipment at Koldam by NTPC.
8Anpara-MauLine400 kVUPPTCL20-11-201808:1820-11-201818:46-Insulator replacement work by Polymer insulator in line.
9Nakodar - Rajpura (TH) - 2Line400 kVPSTCL20-11-201809:2020-11-201817:20-General maintenance& Insulator disc cleaning work in line.
10Bhiwadi-HisarLine400 kVPGCIL20-11-201809:2220-11-201820:55-Replacement of porcelain insulators with polymer insulators
11Chamera I(NHPC)-Jalandhar(PG) 2Line400 kVPGCIL20-11-201809:23**22-11-2018Replacement of ABB REL-521 Relay (M ain-1 protection) by GE/P44392AB6M Relay at Chamera 1 HEP.
12Azamgarh-MauLine400 kVUPPTCL20-11-201809:26**22-11-2018"1. For General Maintenance. 2. For retrofitting, testing & commissioning of relay." at Mau.
13Dadri(NTPC)-Panipat(BBMB) 2Line400 kVPGCIL20-11-201809:3820-11-201817:55-polymer insulatorsreplacement work.
14Amritsar(PG)-Makhu(PSEB) -1Line400 kVPSTCL20-11-201810:0520-11-201816:46-General maintenance& Jumper tightening.
15Koteshwar Pool(PG)-Koteshwar(THDC) 1Line400 kVPGCIL20-11-201810:12**21-11-2018For Maintenance work of 400 KV Line 1 Circuit Breaker at KHEP end.
17Dadri 500 MVA ICT 4ICT400/220 kVNTPC13-11-201811:12**21-11-2018Annual Maint oftransformer & Testing ofbay equipment
18Abdullapur 315 MVA ICT 1ICT400/220 kVPGCIL20-11-201809:0220-11-201819:33-AMP
19Dhuri(400) 500 MVA ICT 1ICT400/220 kVPSTCL20-11-201809:1920-11-201816:53-General maintenanceGeneral maint.
20Kabulpur 315 MVA ICT-1ICT400/220 kVHVPNL20-11-201810:1520-11-201818:14-Annual mtc and testingof T/F and bayequipment and oiltopping in mainconservator tank.
21Muradnagar 315 MVA ICT 3ICT400/220 kVUPPTCL20-11-201810:4020-11-201817:00-General maint.
22Azamgarh 315MVA ICT-1ICT400/220 kVUPPTCL20-11-201813:03**03-01-2019Increasing Capacity of 315 MVAT/F to 500M VA T/F ( Repacement of 315 MVA, ICT-I by 500 MVA ICT)
23400 kV Main CB / Bay (424) of SVC -2 at Kanpur(PG)BAY/CB400 kVPGCIL24-10-201809:43**21-11-2018CB retrofitment workunder CERC Add Cap
24Singrauli 400 kV Transfer Bus 2BUS400 kVNTPC13-11-201809:35**NAExtension of Transfer Bus for Sing - Albd #3 line Bay by PGCIL
25400 kV Main CB/ Bay (409) of 400kV Kanpur PG ckt 2 at Panki (UP)BAY/CB400 kVUPPTCL15-11-201812:49**27-11-2018CB retrofitment work under CERC Add Cap
27Hisar 400 kV Bus 1BUS400 kVPGCIL20-11-201809:1920-11-201820:59-General maintenanceReplacement of porcelain insulators with polymer insulators
28Agra 400 kV Bus 1BUS400 kVPGCIL20-11-201809:50**24-11-2018"Retrofittng of existing busbar protection relay with new Bus Bar IEC61850 compliance. The old existing Bus bar FAC32 shall be changed with new de- centralized bus bar REB500. It involves cable connection to CT cores (1 &2) for all bays connected to bus. Bus-1,( Along-with WCA.T6 CT oil Sampling and Isolator AM P.")
29Anta RS 400 kV Bus 2 BUS400 kVRRVPNL20-11-201810:1420-11-201816:50-Half yearly maint.
30Patiala(PG)-Patiala(PSEB) 1Line220 kVPSTCL22-10-201812:32**21-11-2018For replacement of conductor the line by PSTCL
31Patiala(PG)-Patiala(PSEB) 2Line220 kVPSTCL28-10-201810:25**21-11-2018For replacement of conductor the line by PSTCL
32Hamirpur(PG) - Jalandhar(PG)Line220 kVPGCIL02-11-201809:14**21-11-2018LILO of 220 kV Jallandhar-Hamirpur (Tal) Ckt. No. 1 Between ET-215 & ET-220 for connecting proposed 220/132 kV Substation at Nehrian, Tehsil-Amb, Distt Una by HPSEB
33Bhakra-R HPS(BBMB)-Jamalpur (BBMB) 2Line220 kVBBMB13-11-201807:51**07-12-20181. Replacement installation and commissioning of 3 Nos. LAs with New LAs and foundation/Civil work. 2. Installation and commissioning of 2 Nos. new IBTs and annual mtc. of equipment
34Nanauta(UP)-Saharanpur(PG) 1Line220 kVUPPTCL17-11-201810:15**21-11-2018Tightening & checking ofthe nnut bolts, jumpers& insulator string andalso all other associatedworks
35Badarpur(NTPC)-Ballabgarh(BBMB) 2Line220 kVBBMB20-11-201808:05**22-11-2018Replacement of 1 No. CT and 2 No. Isolators at Ballabgarh S/S. Yearly mtc.
36AD Hydro(ADHY)-Nallagarh(PG) 1Line220 kVADHYDRO20-11-201808:4420-11-201818:05-General preventive maintenance work due planned outage of generating units.
37AD Hydro(ADHY)-Phojal(HP)Line220 kVADHYDRO20-11-201808:4720-11-201818:05-Preventive maintenance work of Prini switch yard equipments.
38Khodri(UPCL)-Saharnpur(UPPCL)-2Line220 kVUPPTCL20-11-201809:1520-11-201817:40-Lopping & chopping of trees in linecorridor by UPPTCL
39Salal(NHPC)-Kishenpur(PG) 1Line220 kVPGCIL20-11-201809:45**21-11-2018For implementation of new SCADA sysytem in Salal Power House.
40FSC of Pampore-2 at KishnprFSC220 kVPGCIL30-10-201212:00**NALine length has reduced after LILO work completion
41FSC of Pampore-1 at KishnprFSC220 kVPGCIL30-10-201212:00**NALine length has reduced after LILO work completion
42220kV Main Bay(204) of ICT 1 at Kota (PG)BAY/CB220 kVPGCIL16-11-201809:38**21-11-2018Pneumatic Drive Over hauling .
43220kV Main Bay(206) of KTPS ckt 2 at Kota (PG)BAY/CB220 kVPGCIL19-11-201809:28**21-11-2018Pneumatic Drive Over hauling .
44Sherkot(UP)-Kalagarh(Uttrakhand)Line132 kVUPPTCL16-11-201808:22**25-11-2018For shifting of above line as existing line is obstructing work of under construction NH- 74 Haridwar-Kashipur Highway. During S/D period supply of 132KV S/S Afzalgarh will be fed through 132KV Afzalgarh-Kalagarh line for which atleast 25M W load will be required from Kalagarh end. S/D is required for mentioned period on continuous basis.
*-Line still under outage     NA - Not Available

B. Details of Transmission Elements under Forced Outage:-
S.NoElement NameTypeVoltage LevelOwnerOutageRevivalExpected Date of RevivalReason / Remarks
1Champa(WR) - Kurukshetra(NR) line -1Line800 kV HVDCPGCIL28-09-201815:25**NARVO mode.
2Unnao 189.9 MVAR B/RBus Reactor765 kVUPPTCL02-10-201819:20**NALow voltage at Unnao
3765 kV (3*80) 240 MVAR L/Reactor (Switchable) of Anta RS-1 at PhagiLine Reactor765 kVRRVPNL20-11-201811:4020-11-201812:54-Trippied durnig the loadning of data base in SCADA.
4Vindhyachal HVDC BtB Block 2HVDV Station500 kV HVDCPGCIL26-11-201714:55**25-11-2018Differential protection operated.
5Allahabad Rewa Road(400kV) - ObraLine400 kVUPPTCL14-10-201804:45**NATripped due to fire in cable gallery at Obra end
6Bara TPS(UP)-Meza TPS(UP) 1Line400 kVUPPTCL19-11-201812:42**NADifferential protection operated due to problem in control cable of CT & Breaker of Bay-407 (Bara-Meja Ckt-1) due to soil sinking problem in 400/132 KV switchyard at Meja as reported earlier.
7Bikaner-SuratgarhLine400 kVRRVPNL20-11-201803:2520-11-201804:31-Phase to earth faultB-N.
8Aligarh - PankiLine400 kVUPPTCL20-11-201809:5120-11-201811:00-DT received at Aligarh end
9Ballabgarh-GurgaonLine400 kVPGCIL20-11-201810:2220-11-201817:29-E/S/D for replacement of Y-phase line CVT at Ballabgarh.
10Bawana(DTL)-Mandola(PG) 1Line400 kVDTL20-11-201820:2320-11-201822:29-Relay malfunction at Mandola end.
11Koldam(NTPC)-Ludhiana(PG) -1Line400 kVPKTCL20-11-201822:0821-11-201805:23-.
12Agra-UnnaoLine400 kVUPPTCL20-11-201823:4520-11-201823:50-Phase to earth fault.
13Akal 500 MVA ICT 4ICT400/220 kVRRVPNL05-08-201816:00**NAICT burnt
14Akal 315 MVA ICT 2ICT400/220 kVRRVPNL22-08-201822:55**NAICT burnt.
15Panki 240 MVA ICT 1ICT400/220 kVUPPTCL06-10-201815:49**NAES/D. To attend abnormal heating at bottom cover bolt.
16Obra TPS(UPPTCL) 315 MVA ICT 1ICT400/220 kVUPPTCL14-10-201804:45**NATripped due to fire in cable gallery at Obra end
17Obra 240 MVA ICT 1ICT400/220 kVUPPTCL14-10-201804:59**NAAuto reclosedFire in substation
18Ataur 500 MVA ICT 2ICT400/220 kVUPPTCL18-11-201810:5520-11-201813:24-Opened from L/V side due to s/d of 220kV BusI I& II at Ataur s/s
19Ataur 500 MVA ICT 1ICT400/220 kVUPPTCL18-11-201810:5520-11-201813:24-Opened from L/V side due to s/d of 220kV BusI I& II at Ataur s/s
20Wagoora 50 MVAR B/RBus Reactor400 kVPGCIL22-04-201518:56**NATaken out due to low voltage.
21FACT at BLB in Knp-BLB LineFACTS400 kVPGCIL02-07-201610:20**NAY-Phase current imbalance
22FSC ( 50% ) of Koteshwar Pool -2 at Meerut (PG)FSC400 kVPGCIL14-07-201719:22**NAFire in Y-ph unit
23FSC of Balia-I at LucknowFSC400 kVPGCIL29-11-201713:30**NAE/SD due to Hot Spot at Isolator
24FSC (40%) of Fatehpur-II at MainpurI(PG)FSC400 kVPGCIL05-08-201800:10**NAMinimum oil protection operated. Presently out due to Low current.
25Koteshwar HEP 125 MVAR (400kV) Bus Reactor 1Bus Reactor400 kVPGCIL27-10-201800:00**NATaken out for maintenance work by PGCIL as informed by Koteshwar HEP.
26Maharanibagh 400 kV Bus 1BUS400 kVPGCIL09-11-201816:09**NATo attend lock out of 400kV Bus Coupler CB
27Bairasuil(NHPC)-Pong(BBMB)Line220 kVPGCIL15-10-201810:50**18-04-2019for renovation & modernization. shutdown for 6 months
28Bairasiul(NHPC)-Jassure(HPSEB)Line220 kVPGCIL15-10-201812:16**18-04-2019for renovation & modernization. shutdown for 6 months
29Napp(NPC)-Sambhal(UP)Line220 kVUPPTCL20-11-201817:5020-11-201820:32-Hand Tripped from Sambhal end to avoid accident due broken earth wire near Sirora Kazi Village.
30Wagoora (PG) 220 kV Bus 1BUS220 kVPGCIL20-11-201811:4020-11-201816:37-E/S/D for attending hot spot on dropper of Y-Phase of ICT-3
*-Line still under outage     NA - Not Available

C. Details of Transmission Elements Opened manually due to High Voltage:-
S.NoElement NameTypeVoltage LevelOwnerOutageRevivalRemarks
1HVDC (Agra-BNC) Pole-1 at Agra HVDCHVDV Station800 kV HVDCPGCIL17-11-201820:43**** 
2HVDC (Agra-BNC) Pole-2 at Agra HVDCHVDV Station800 kV HVDCPGCIL20-11-201820:17**** 
3Fatehabad 765(UP)-Lalitpur TPS(LPGCL) 1Line765 kVUPPTCL11-11-201821:1120-11-201816:25 
4Agra-Fatehpur 2Line765 kVPGCIL19-11-201819:3221-11-201810:05 
5Meerut - MogaLine765 kVPGCIL19-11-201819:3820-11-201807:39 
6Bhiwani (PG) - Phagi (RVPNL) - 2Line765 kVPGCIL19-11-201821:0420-11-201807:09 
7Fatehabad 765(UP)-Lalitpur TPS(LPGCL) 2Line765 kVUPPTCL20-11-201820:20**** 
8Bhiwani (PG) - Phagi (RVPNL) - 1Line765 kVPGCIL20-11-201820:3821-11-201810:23 
9Meerut - MogaLine765 kVPGCIL20-11-201821:3021-11-201807:27 
10Dipalpur-Kabulpur 2Line400 kVHVPNL13-11-201821:0920-11-201820:16 
11Agra-Sikar 1Line400 kVPGCIL17-11-201819:5421-11-201810:34 
12Amritsar(PG)-Malerkotla(PG) 1Line400 kVNRSS31B17-11-201820:1520-11-201809:35 
13Agra(PG)-Auraiya(NTPC) 2Line400 kVPGCIL17-11-201820:3020-11-201809:33 
14Jalandhar-Kurukshetra(PG) 1Line400 kVPGCIL18-11-201820:0920-11-201809:29 
15Ballabgarh-Kanpur 1Line400 kVPGCIL19-11-201804:0821-11-201810:17 
16Ratangarh (RVPNL) - Sikar (PG) - 1Line400 kVPGCIL19-11-201816:5120-11-201806:45 
17Bhiwadi-HisarLine400 kVPGCIL19-11-201819:5620-11-201806:21 
18Agra(PG)-Auraiya(NTPC) 1Line400 kVPGCIL19-11-201819:5821-11-201810:41 
19Fatehpur-Mainpuri 1Line400 kVPGCIL19-11-201820:0020-11-201806:28 
20Ratangarh(RVPNL)-Sikar(PG) 4Line400 kVRRVPNL19-11-201820:0320-11-201806:46 
21Ballabgarh-Mainpuri 1Line400 kVPGCIL19-11-201820:0620-11-201806:27 
22Ratangarh-Suratgarh 2Line400 kVRRVPNL19-11-201820:1620-11-201806:59 
23Jhakri(SJVNL)-Karchamwangtoo(JP) 2Line400 kVJPHYDRO19-11-201820:1720-11-201805:35 
24Jhakri-Panchkula 2Line400 kVPGCIL19-11-201820:2020-11-201805:01 
25Nallagarh(PG)-Parbati Pool(PG)Line400 kVPKTCL19-11-201820:2620-11-201806:29 
26Bhiwadi-Neemrana 1Line400 kVPGCIL19-11-201820:3020-11-201806:20 
27Neemrana-Sikar 1Line400 kVPGCIL19-11-201820:3020-11-201806:26 
28Kurukshetra(PG)-Nakodar(PSEB)Line400 kVPGCIL19-11-201820:3620-11-201809:24 
29Agra-Jaipur South-1Line400 kVPGCIL19-11-201820:3720-11-201806:50 
30Amritsar-Parb-pol 1Line400 kVPGCIL19-11-201820:3720-11-201806:30 
31Fatehabad-HisarLine400 kVPGCIL19-11-201820:4020-11-201806:37 
32Agra-Bhiwadi 2Line400 kVPGCIL19-11-201820:4720-11-201806:30 
33Kurukshetra(PG)-Sonipat 1Line400 kVPGCIL19-11-201820:5120-11-201806:06 
34Nallagarh-Patiala 1Line400 kVPGCIL19-11-201821:0320-11-201805:12 
35Nallagarh(PG)-Rampur(SJVNL) -1Line400 kVPGCIL19-11-201821:1120-11-201805:08 
36Abdullapur(PG)-Kala Amb(PKATL) 2Line400 kVJPL19-11-201821:1520-11-201804:49 
37Jind(PG)-Kurukshetra(PG) 1Line400 kVPGCIL19-11-201821:1520-11-201806:21 
38Kala Amb(PKATL)-Karchamwangtoo(HBPCL) 2Line400 kVJPL19-11-201821:1720-11-201804:40 
39Chamera I(NHPC)-Jalandhar(PG) 2Line400 kVPGCIL19-11-201821:3220-11-201805:13 
40Chamera pool-Jalandhar 1Line400 kVPGCIL19-11-201821:3520-11-201806:01 
41Makhu -Mukatsar -1Line400 kVPSTCL19-11-201823:5220-11-201807:20 
42Dhuri (400kV)-Rajpura (400kV)-2Line400 kVPSTCL19-11-201823:5420-11-201807:18 
43Neemrana-Sikar 2Line400 kVPGCIL20-11-201819:1921-11-201809:37 
44Agra-Bhiwadi 2Line400 kVPGCIL20-11-201819:2021-11-201809:38 
45Ajmer II(RVPNL)-Bhilwara 400(RVPNL) 2Line400 kVRRVPNL20-11-201819:2021-11-201806:29 
46Bhiwadi-Neemrana 1Line400 kVPGCIL20-11-201819:2121-11-201809:44 
47Ratangarh(RVPNL)-Sikar(PG) 2Line400 kVRRVPNL20-11-201819:2321-11-201806:18 
48Agra-Jaipur South-2Line400 kVPGCIL20-11-201819:2521-11-201809:42 
49Ratangarh-Suratgarh 2Line400 kVRRVPNL20-11-201819:4321-11-201810:04 
50Ballabgarh-Kanpur 3Line400 kVPGCIL20-11-201820:0421-11-201810:22 
51Bhiwadi - Hisar 2Line400 kVPGCIL20-11-201820:0721-11-201809:51 
52Agra(PG)-Auraiya(NTPC) 2Line400 kVPGCIL20-11-201820:0921-11-201809:47 
53Amritsar-Parb-pol 1Line400 kVPGCIL20-11-201820:1921-11-201806:05 
54Nallagarh(PG)-Parbati Pool(PG)Line400 kVPKTCL20-11-201820:1921-11-201805:23 
55Kurukshetra(PG)-Nakodar(PSEB)Line400 kVPGCIL20-11-201820:2021-11-201810:08 
56Jalandhar-Kurukshetra(PG) 1Line400 kVPGCIL20-11-201820:2521-11-201810:10 
57Jind(PG)-Kurukshetra(PG) 1Line400 kVPGCIL20-11-201820:2721-11-201806:00 
58Jhakri-Panchkula 1Line400 kVPGCIL20-11-201821:0521-11-201804:57 
59Jhakri(SJVNL)-Karchamwangtoo(JP) 1Line400 kVJPHYDRO20-11-201821:0921-11-201805:01 
60Chamera pool-Jalandhar 2Line400 kVPGCIL20-11-201821:1721-11-201805:32 
61Amritsar(PG)-Malerkotla(PG) 1Line400 kVNRSS31B20-11-201821:2021-11-201810:07 
62Fatehabad-HisarLine400 kVPGCIL20-11-201821:2121-11-201809:16 
63Nallagarh-Patiala 1Line400 kVPGCIL20-11-201821:2221-11-201805:23 
64Amritsar(PG)-Makhu(PSEB) -1Line400 kVPSTCL20-11-201822:0321-11-201806:01 
65Abdullapur(PG)-Kala Amb(PKATL) 1Line400 kVJPL20-11-201822:0621-11-201805:32 
66Kala Amb(PKATL)-Karchamwangtoo(HBPCL) 1Line400 kVJPL20-11-201822:1321-11-201805:27 
** - Line shall be closed subject to voltage permissibility